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Art.Nr.: 122411

75,00 EUR
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Don't Shoot The Banjo Player ('cause We've Done It Already)
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4
Dauer: 4:30
Don't Shoot The Banjo Player ('cause We've Done It Already) This piece was recorded on FIRST BRASS. It is a unique Dixieland inspired tune in which a banjo is simulated by muted trumpets. There is plenty of space for improvisation, and for those that don't improvise, spectacular written out solos as played by the original members of First Brass. The composer writes... In the early 80s I lived in Copenhagen and was leader of different bands. I composed this piece as a signature tune for a weekly Saturday night live music show in Danish National Television, where I was commissioned with my sextet. I played the tune on my trumpet as opening and closing theme. During the one hour show we accompanied performers with a mixed program of various styles of jazz and popular music, mainly from Denmark but also from Sweden and Norway. After I had re-arranged the piece for First Brass with a banjo-imitation for trumpets, my friend and colleague, Danish guitarist Nils Tuxen renamed the tune. For 12 piece brass ensemble 6 Trumpets in Bb* 3 Trombones 1 Bass Trombone 1 Euphonium 1 Tuba * The Trumpet 5 and 6 parts are also provided for Horns in F as a substitute