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Art.Nr.: 122412

82,50 EUR
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Interlude No.4
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 5
Dauer: 5:00
Interlude No.4 This tune opens and closes with an intertwining jazz fugue of trumpet and tuba. Following is some hard-swinging ensemble work and (written out) solos for flugelhorn and tuba. The stratospheric lead trumpet passages written for Derek Watkins can be played 8vb if needed without having the chart lose any intensity. Interlude No 4 is contrapunctal jazz piece written as part of a commissioned suite for the 150th anniversary of the Technical University of Copenhagen (Allan's home town). The celebration was graced with the presence of her majesty, Queen Margrete II of Denmark. During the piece's climax it got quite loud but the young queen seemed to enjoy herself, as Allan remembers her sitting, smiling in the front row with a rather impressive and large hat! For 14 piece brass ensemble 4 Trumpets in Bb 4 Flugelhorns in Bb 3 Trombones 1 Bass Trombone 1 Euphonium 1 Tuba