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Art.Nr.: 122417

75,00 EUR
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Toot Your Roots
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4
Dauer: 6:30
Toot Your Roots This tour de force piece was recorded on FIRST BRASS and features the trumpet. The recording features the incomparable Derek Watkins on all of the trumpet parts. The composer writes... 'When I was a teenager starting to play trumpet I had a 78 record of Harry James and his Orchestra playing 'Trumpet Blues and Cantabile'. I was blown away by the absolutely outstanding, brilliant playing and arrangement. I remembered it when I began the First Brass project and it gave me the idea for Toot Your Roots, which had the working title of 'Boogie.' Derek Watkins - who was able to hit that first high note 'spot on' every time the tape was rolling - named the tune when we listened back after the recording was 'in the can'.' For 14 piece brass ensemble 4 Trumpets in Bb 4 Flugelhorns 3 Trombones 1 Bass Trombone 2 Tubas