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PROKOFIEV/Alvarez Sergey

Art.Nr.: 122572

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Five Songs Without Words
Five Songs Without Words The Prokofiev, Five Songs Without Words, Opus 35. were written in December 1920 during a tour of the USA. The musical format of songs without words is not unusual, as Mendelssohn composed a number of very beautiful ones for the Piano. The Five Songs Without Words were premiered in New York City in 1921 by the soprano Nina Koshetz. In 1925, while living in Paris the composer arranged the five brief songs for Violin and Piano. Their haunting, bittersweet and lyrical style is typical of Prokofiev. The advanced performer will find these wonderful miniatures totaling twelve minutes in length, a perfect vehicle for a major work on a recital. Mr. Alvarez has scored these songs beautifully for the Tuba or Bass Trombone and Piano.