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GLENDENING Andrew | The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching
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The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching
The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching 'The Thoughtful, Intelligent Guide to Understanding What It Takes To Play The Trombone At The Highest Possible Level could also serve as the title for The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching book by Dr. Andrew Glendening. If J. Arban's method is the Old Testament of the trombonists' bible, this is the New Testament complete with Revelations and plenty of insightful commentary. Personally, I like to understand what I am doing acoustically, psycho-acoustically, how what we do intersects with physics, mechanics, ergo-dynamics as well as aesthetically, emotionally and artistically. Get this beautifully organized method for the thinking trombonist! Dr. Glendening's masterful trombone performance is a testament to the deep value of this superb volume of trombone knowledge and technique.” – Abbie Conant, Professor of Trombone at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen