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CHARPENTIER/Harvey Marc Antoine (1685-1750)

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Prelude to 'Te Deum' (313.01)
Prelude to 'Te Deum' (313.01) (Marc-Antoine Charpentier composed his grand polyphonic motet Te Deum (H. 146) in D major probably between 1688 and 1698, during his stay at the Jesuit Church of Saint-Louis in Paris, where he held the position of musical director. It is thought that the composition may have been performed to mark the victory celebrations of the Battle of Steinkirk in August, 1692. The prelude to this setting is well-known in Europe, since it is used as the theme music for the European Broadcasting Union Performance notes: The two upper trumpet parts are for D or piccolo trumpets. Always play with a crisp, clean rhythm. Even in the poco cantabile sections, remain rhythmically stylish. Observe the forte dynamics so that there is something in reserve for the final statement, which should still be bold rather than vulgarly brassy.)