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Art.Nr.: 122384

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Macedonia (413.11.Drum Kit.optional 2Perc.)
Dauer: 7:00
Macedonia (413.11.Drum Kit.optional 2Perc.) Jock McKenzie studied trumpet at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester where he was a joint recipient of the college's concerto prize. Since 1987 Jock has based his musical career in Hampshire, working as a freelance trumpeter, conductor, composer, arranger and brass teacher. Currently Jock holds the position of Professional Leader (Brass) for Hampshire Music Service and is the Director of the Hampshire County Youth Band. It is the mix of all of these musical roles that has led to Jock establishing a reputation as a leading creator of brass music resources, particularly in the field of education and brass ensemble music. Macedonia As the title suggests this piece collates native melodies of the Balkan country of Macedonia. These melodies along with their associated lyrics are staples of the traditional Macedonian folk repertoire. The work begins with material that presents 'Stamena”. Typically this is a lively circle dance (Oro), danced by a girl named Stamena. Ironically, Stamena is only dancing in an attempt to forget the worry and sadness of her mother who is ill, hence the slower, more anxious start to this setting. The piece bursts into life at bar 57 with material based on 'Cicioi Miciri”. This amusing song tells of an old woman who planted three seeds of millet. She then asked workers from three neighbouring villages to reap them. Whilst doing so the woman fed the workers with three cauldrons of soup made from one frog (folk songs eh….?). At the heart of this piece is the beautiful song 'Jovka Kumanovka”. This tells the story of Jovka from the region of Kumanovka who is searching for a lost necklace. Whilst doing so she comes across Ljatif-Aga who is out to make her his wife against her will. The final section of the piece makes use of 'Devojce Devoyce” – a tale of love that cannot be.
Macedonia (413.11.Drum Kit.optional 2Perc.)